"The voice of the majority!"

our mission:

  1. To represent the views of the majority of Australian farmers who support GM-free farming.
  2. Defend the rights of Australian farmers to grow and deliver GM-free produce to meet the majority market demand.
  3. Ensure risks are managed appropriately through a strict liability legislation and/or farmer protection fund protecting non-GM farmers from unfair liability.
  4. Support strict controls preventing GM contamination in trials, GM-free seed stocks and the environment and promote awareness of these risks.
  5. Support the GM Crop-Free Areas Act (2003) and fair management of economic risk and industry preparedness.
  6. Ensure resistance management protocols are regulated and complied with as per OGTR conditions of release.




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About us

The GM-Free Farmers are a not-for-profit farming group with membership open to all WA farmers.